Collaborations with companies, institutions and NGOs

At Elisava we promote relationships and collaborations wih companies, institutions, start-ups, NGOs and Elisava Alumni, and we have an extensive network of local, state and international contacts.

From your first year you will have the possibility of participating in academic projects, workshops and other activities of different formats:

In-class collaborations

Workshops and projects with brands and institutions within the framework of the subjects.

Innovation labs

Frequently, companies and institutions come to Elisava to develop a project. To carry out the project, from the school we created teams with multidisciplinary profiles that work together with the company responding to a concrete brief. You can sign up for these R+D/R+D projects on a voluntary basis to explain and compliment your knowledge and skills with active professionals.

Masterclasses and workshops

We continously invite experts from different sectors and areas who will show you their professional activity. Their projects and their work methodologies, so you can get the most out of their knowledge and compliment your academic training.

Collaborations with Elisava Research

At the same time, you can also be part of Innovation & Research Labs, public and private research projects, curatorial projects and university chairs, as well as European projects.

Curricular and extracurricular internships (Undergraduate Degrees)

During your fourth year you will do your curricular internships (12 ECTS/24 ECTS) in leading companies in the sector. Living this experience will allow you to learn and acquire the knowledge and resources necessary to join the world of work. In addition, from your third year (or when you have 120 ECTS approved credits), you will be able to take extracurricular internships to compliment your formation.

Extracurricular internships (Master’s Degrees)

Below you can download a series of documents/reports to be filled out by the academic tutors and the collaborating companies to evaluate the extracurricular internships of the students of the Master’s programmes.

Download the reports here

Final Degree Thesis

You will be able to do your Final Degree Thesis independently or in collaboration with a company or institution. That way, you will get to learn and get familiar with the procedures and methodologies of national and international companies.

Elisava Alumni: Job Exchange and Accelerator

After you finish your studies, you will have our job exchange service where every year we post more than 300 offers, to get incorporated in the work world. From 2017 we stand for reinforcing the entrepreneurial spirit of our community with Viver Elisava Alumni, located at the Accelerator Almogàvers, a space for the developement of startups with the support of Barcelona Activa.

You will find more information, examples of real projects, news about collaborations with companies, institutions and NGOs, curricular or extracurricular internships and employment exchange in the Business section of this website.