Collaborations with companies, institutions and NGOs

Elisava encourages and promotes collaborations with business, institutional and associative organizations. These links, which are made between the master’s and postgraduate courses, Elisava Research, the Business Department and Elisava Alumni, have different formats:

Academic projects

In some master’s degrees we carry out projects with the participation of companies, institutions and NGOs as a curricular part of the programme. These collaborations are part of the day-to-day of the course and allow a deeper connection between academic content and professional reality to be achieved.

Innovation labs

Companies and institutions come often to Elisava for us to help them develop a project. When this happens, we create teams with multidisciplinary profiles that work together with the company. You can sign up for these R+D projects on a voluntary basis to expand and complement your knowledge and skills alongside active professionals.

Some of the companies, studies, institutions and NGOs with which we collaborate: Adidas, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Danone, Desigual, Domestic Data Streamers, El Celler de Can Roca, Fundació Arrels, Fundación Mies van der Rohe, Fundació Vila Casas, Futbol Club Barcelona, HP, IKEA, Kave Home, Leitat, MACBA, MediaPro, Mira, MUJI, Nespresso, Primavera Sound, Roca, Santa & Cole, SEAT, Sónar, Sony, Swarovski, Telefónica, TOUS, Vitra… 

Extracurricular internships

Each course, postgraduate students participate in around 250 extracurricular internship agreements. In the master’s degrees, the internships are always extracurricular and, therefore, they are an additional activity to that of the programme itself. These experiences can be obtained through the Elisava internship opportunities portal or at the proposal of the students.

We carry out internship agreements with companies such as: Folch, Run Design, Albert Romagosa, FIRMA, El equipo creativo, Summa, Comuniza, McCann Erickson, Enric Aguilera Asociados, Ana Mirats, Playground, Ogilvy, BD Barcelona, BEKO Electronics, Accenture, Batlle i Roig, VIBIA, Yves Saint Laurent, Danone, Estudi Antoni Arola, FYLA, The Others TV, Médicos sin Fronteras, Editorial Planeta, El Día Después de Hoy, PUIG, Zero2Infinity, Grifols, Volotea, Everis, Mendesaltaren, nanimarquina, Atrápalo, CaixaBank Digital Business, SIMON… 

Collaborations with Elisava Research

At the same time, you can also be part of Innovation & Research Labs, public and private research projects, curated projects and cathedras, as well as European projects.

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