CoBoi Social Innovation Lab


CoBoi Lab: A city making social innovation project.


TFG Final Degree Projects 2017-18.


Claudia Misteli and Sergi Frias (Project coordinators).


Ajuntament de Sant Boi de Llobregat.

CoBoi is based in Sant Boi de Llobregat, a peripheral and cultural territory that has become a resilient place where important productive and social changes have been taking place in the last two decades. The contribution to the common good and the exercise of an economy thought, with and for the people, is the central axis of CoBoi’s action.

In 2016 the municipality of Sant Boi decided to reuse an empty space in the city and gave Coboi an entire 500 sqm floor, to allow diverse socioeconomic actors of the region to have a common space to interact and collaborate within the framework of social innovation. To design the new space interior and identity, Elisava students interviewed Coboi staff and also representatives of the City Council and deepened in the necessities and concrete challenges of the co-design process of the new Coboi Lab, and in this framework they developed their investigations. The outcome of both space and visual identity projects had to be a path to be developed by users through time, rather than a completed and finished design.

Facilitating. CoBoi works as a platform where the Public Sector, Businesses, Academia and Citizenship work together to co-create solutions for the current and future challenges and drive structural social change far beyond the scope of what anyone could do by its own.

How can a public social innovation city laboratory promote and support social innovation projects capable to reconfigure its territory into a more sustainable and resilient one?