City and Maker Culture


City and Maker Culture: Material experimentation as a driver for social innovation through reinvigorating local production.


Degree (GEDI, GDIS, PES) 2017-18.


Oscar Tomico (coord.), Ramon Sangüesa, Xavier Tutó, Sara deUbieta, and students Helena Calzado, Helena Estapé, Beatriz Guedán, Sergi Jansa, Laia Lloret, Aleix Martín, Ana Molés, Javier Jose Pajin, Júlia Puig, Carlota Puncernau.


Xarxa d’Ateneus de Fabricació, FABLAB Barcelona and Adidas MakerLab.

Manufacturing contexts that are defined by the use of new communication and manufacturing technologies represent an opportunity to explore new production relationships that involve new actors and new processes. The extension of 3D printing technologies, low cost CNC machines, cutters, etc. opens the possibility of distributing design and manufacturing processes to very local, even individual scales.

The project started by creating bridges between different types of craftspeople and designers and other actors that are knowledgeable in the area of digital production. This was done through a series of events. The focus areas in Barcelona are Poblenou, where a high level of making activity has started in the FabLab, Les Corts and Barceloneta, where two city Digital Fabrication Associations are in operation. The project was aimed at promoting the sharing of facilities to make it easier for local craftspeople to integrate new digital production concepts, designs and production processes.

Prototyping and material explorations can act as as a way to connect and integrate local crafts, resources, people, and infrastructures. They create sustainable value flows to reinvigorate the city local production which can result in new redesigned products, tools, or even communication campaigns.

How can the maker culture movement support the emergence of local production when combined with design action, understood as material explorations and prototyping?

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