TypeJuly 2020 - Typography workshops

Date: -
Hour: De 10.00h a 14.00h.
Place: Elisava (La Rambla, 30-32)

TypeJuly is a new platform for graphic type designers like you who want to learn from world-class teachers. It is a unique opportunity to work side-by-side with the masters of the trade. In Barcelona, next July, do not mis this Type Design workshops in Elisava.

1. Workshop "Type and color", with Mark van Wageningen (Novo Typo)
TypeJuly Elisava NovoTypo

June 29 – July 3 2020 (20 hours)

Why do type designers traditionally think in black and white? The world is colorful, the web is colorful, Hollywood does not produce any black-and-white movies anymore... Only type designers continue to think in these restrictive terms. Why?

Typographers today are living in the Golden Age of design. Let us open up our imagination and add some color in our letters. Readability and legibility are highly overrated approaches in modern typographic communication. Join us for a workshop of construction and deconstruction of the basic shapes of letters.

This workshop invites you to reconsider this traditional black and white approach in typographic design. ‘Less-Is-More’ modernism has become a hollow phrase which illustrates a conservative approach to typographic design. This workshop will start with deconstructing the basic shapes of a character and will end with the transformation from a static to a dynamic form. However, everything we will make will be in Full Color. Color is the new Bold!

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2. Workshop "Modular typefaces as a design tool", with Manuel Krebs (Norm)
TypeJuly Elisava Norm

July, 6-10 (20 hours) 

When the day ends and the night begins, there is the moment when it is not clear which of the two it belongs to. In French this moment is called ‘entre chien et loup’, between dog and wolf. In a way, this moment also exists in typography, the writing is the day and the image is the night. And exactly so there is the flowing border between the graphic designer and the type designer, because from when on is the graphic designer a type designer and the type designer a graphic designer? This workshop is about these grey areas.

This workshop focuses on the development of modular fonts. An inventory of modules that allow, in combination, the creation of letters, will be developed. The modules are the molecules of the project. To apply the modules, tools will be developed to create and reproduce them. The aim is to have control over the entire production process (literally) in one’s own hands. Thus, conventional working processes will be questioned and the direct influence of the tools on aesthetics will be made clear. The process is determined by the pairs of opposites experiment/curiosity, vs. order/structure.

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3. Workshop "Lettering strategies and techniques", with Ken Barber (House Industries)
TypeJuly Elisava House Industries

July, 13-17 (20 hours) 

Sharpen your lettering skills with this in-depth week-long workshop filled with profitable design strategies and drawing techniques specially formulated to increase the depth and range of your personal and professional work. With over 25 years of experience, Ken Barber of House Industries will share his personally-formulated recipes for producing effective and eye-catching word-marks in a variety of design applications.

The primary objective of this workshop is to provide students with a handful of straightforward hands-on approaches for drawing distinctive pieces of hand-lettering. The ideas and tactics that will be introduced during this class can be used as a practical way to generate a broad range of potential solutions for virtually any logo design or branding project.

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4. Workshop "Thinking with your hands", with Cyrus Highsmith (Occupant Fonts)
TypeJuly Elisava Occupant Fonts

July, 20-24 (20 hours) 

Letters can be drawn in so many different ways. Cyrus Highsmith’s approach is based heavily on the importance of white space and sensitivity to shapes. It’s a method he applies to type design as well as image making of all kinds. For Highsmith, it’s a way of seeing the world. This workshop will be a messy, hands-on, and computer-free exploration of drawing, making, and thinking about letters.

The objective of this workshop is to create a memorable week of drawing letters and making art. It will culminate in a group exhibition of our work.

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