Trendslab 2019 – Deglobalization

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Place: Elisava (La Rambla, 30-32)

Trendslab 2019, our annual meeting to discuss and reflect those trends and movements that bring opportunities and risks to organizations and businesses, celebrates its fifth edition. Now focused on Deglobalization and Gentrification, and starring Luke Sturgeon, a designer, consultant, lecturer, researcher and founding partner at Greyspace, where he applies design and future thinking to organizations that challenge and inspire new ways of working.

In his article ‘Deglobalization: Global and local risks and opportunities’, Jorge Rodriguez, Director of the Master in Research for Design and Innovation and the Master in Advanced Design Management, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, both from Elisava, explains that Deglobalization represents the process of weakening interdependence among nations in many aspects of economy, culture and social impact.

New opportunities and risks

Since the 2008 financial crisis, a process of retrogression has been silently taking place. Regional and local blocks of power have appeared in Rusia, Turkey, Brazil, China, North Korea and the USA. The consequent process of political and economic fragmentation is called Deglobalization, a complete new scenario where new players are taking control of local and regional economies and cultures, but also where local movements and trends are taking place. Each region and market offer culturally diverse reactions, opportunities and risks.

Deglobalization and Gentrification are two of the main topics we will working with during the Trendslab19 in Barcelona.

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