Transient residents: from tourists to members of an interactive community

Hour: 7:45 p.m.
Place: Las Golondrinas, Moll de les Drassanes, 2, Port de Barcelona
Design for City Making
Design for City Making
Design for City Making
Design for City Making

'Transient residents' is the second act of 'The city of interactions', a series of public events proposed by Elisava to help regenerate the social fabric of Ciutat Vella within the framework of its Design for City Making platform.

Is it possible for a visitor to be in Barcelona without feeling forced to consume the city as a tourist? Are there models or ideas that propose an alternative to the social desertification produced by certain tourism practices? Can the temporary visitor become an agent of urban regeneration? To what extent is a certain model of tourism industry what makes the visitor a tourist? Does culture play any role in this situation? And design? Can they benefit? Can they condition the way in which the visitor participates in the construction of the city and its social fabric?

We often forget that tourism is not a natural phenomenon like rain, sun or earthquakes, but rather a planned activity, which is designed and conducted. Its repercussions in terms of the city are transversal and too important to entrust its management to the economic industries that have traditionally benefited economically. There are many possible ways to receive visitors.

From Elisava we promote a global understanding of the city with the aim of overcoming the differences between various ways of inhabiting the city. We assume that a better city will always be complex and capable of promoting the interaction between individuals and communities of different origins, wills and behaviors.

Difference as a source of social wealth

In this second public event, La Golondrina will become a scenario in which to open new points of view that question the limits between different communities, behaviors and environments. The objective is not to deny the difference, but to learn to fit it as a source of social wealth. A radical and precise action, with images, music and talks that give rise to the whole world to build new conditions of relationship between visitors and residents.

This meeting aims to open a space for reflection on how tourist superstructures determine the behavior of visitors and how, from culture and design, it is possible to reverse the usual logics; to avoid the binary debate that differentiates "those of here" from "those of there"; and remember, sometimes we have been forced to do tourism, even if we did not want to.


Daniel Granados - Head of Cultura Viva, a program to recognize and promote spaces for participation and cultural coproduction, within Barcelona’s City Council.

Saida Palou - PhD in Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Barcelona, ​​with the doctoral thesis Barcelona, destinació turística. Promoció pública, turismes, imatges i ciutat (1888-2010), and City of Barcelona Award for Agustí Duran i Sanpere History (2011).

Roberto Tierz - Manager of the Sidecar Room and, for fifteen years, president of the Neighborhood Association of the Plaza Real. Gold Medal of Barcelona’s City Council ​​2017 in recognition of all the cultural activity carried out in the Sidecar, currently located in one of the busiest tourist spots of Barcelona.

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