Three students of the Master in Photography exhibit their TFM at the FineArt festival of Igualada

Date: -
Place: Different areas in Igualada

Carolina Kadich, Dihue Miguens and Cynthia Lühr, three Alumni of the Master in Photography and Design of Elisava, present their Final Master Thesis in the exhibition Identitie(s) of the FineArt Igualada festival, which this year celebrates its tenth edition.

FineArt Igualada is a photography event that features the works of photographers from all over the world. The exhibitions are distributed in different rooms of ephemeral photographic exhibitions. The idea is to show, for twenty-four days, the areas of the city of Igualada with photographers from all over the world, photography schools and amateurs.

Kadich's work, ROĐEN, recounts an introspection into the deepest that culminates in an analysis of family lineage. Miguens' work, POSIDEÎA, formulates a timeless portrait of the Mediterranean. Photography, cyanotypes, Land Art and biomaterials as a sustainable claim. Lühr's work, SAUDADE, questions the feeling of pertinence related to home, a collective feeling that describes that place we have been looking for all our lives.