Temes de Disseny #36. Design Futures Now: Literacies and Making. Online Dialogue

Hour: 7.00 p.m.
Place: Zoom (with previous registration in the link below)

This new issue of Temes de Disseny - Design Futures Now: Literacies and Making -  presents the challenge of framing design’s role in futures making through a series of contemporary scientific works. Design Futures is a discipline with its own literacies and making methodologies, and aims to address the world’s complexity and phenomena by delivering options and opportunities for alternative presents.

Andrew Morrison, PhD and Laura Clèries, PhD, co-guest editors of this #36 edition, will briefly address in this dialogue the what, why and how of Design Futures and the scientific articles that conform this issue. It will be open to the whole community for an interesting debate and Q&A.

Looking forward to participating? Register in the link below and join us!

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