Talk by Justine Kontou – Work Spaces Design

Hour: 7:15 p.m.
Place: Sala Aleix Carrió

Next April 24, within the framework of the Postgraduate Diploma in Interior Space Design. Work spaces, we will receive Justine Kontou, expert in creating spatial experiences and sensory interiors to enhance wellbeing. In the talk she is holding, she will talk about the importance of creating the spaces in which we work, rest and enjoy, since they lead to generate designs that incorporate visual appeal, a purpose, sustainable elements and knowledge of human behavior.

About her

Justine Kontou, educated as a commercial economist with degrees in trend forecasting & concept development, is specialised in art and design. Her years as curator and project manager a.o. for city marketing agency Eindhoven365, the organisation of Dutch Design.

Justine is about strategy without losing the imperative creativity and finesse to visualise and materialise her beliefs. Her purpose is to create meaningful, healthy environments that are soothing and empathetic to its users. This holistic approach in optimising the whole spatial experience to enhance well- being, is still very new and innovative. By nurturing her infinite curiosity for the sake of new insights and additional experts to work with, she keeps ahead of social developments.

Her study

Studio KONTOU creates spatial experiences and sensorial interiors to enhance well-being and mindfulness in particular. KONTOU creates healthy interiors in offices, health care institutions and hospitality environments. As well in specific installations and rooms to alter mindfulness and stress reduction.

Central to KONTOU’s work is the holistic integration of mindful design, natural elements and art; all to stimulate the senses. With a multi-disciplinary network, KONTOU puts together the best team for each project, to be able to create qualitative experiences and interiors. By tailoring spatial experiences to the specific needs of users of a space, they can be brought into any desired state of mind. KONTOU develops new innovative concepts to enhance well-being through spatial design while integrating science, psychology and art.

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