Talk by Frederic Amat, visual artist and scenographer

Hour: 7 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Place: SAC
Picture by Ros Ribas

On February 26, within the framework of the Master in Ephemeral Architecture and Design of Temporary Spaces (MEATS), Frederic Amat will come to the school as a speaker of the "Upside Down" conference. This talk shows how time invites the invention of new and multiple ways to relate things in the work of art, with an exhibition, distribution and production in which society reaches a more complex as an active spectator and not only as a set of passive consumers.

About Frederic Amat

Painter whose work challenges a single form of categorization. His work has been exhibited and published throughout the world. His open conception of painting has led him to integrate multiple artistic languages ​​in his creative work. He has made scenographies for dance and theater based on texts by García Lorca, Beckett, Juan Goytisolo, Koltès and Octavio Paz. He has also directed and conformed the stage spaces of the opera El viaje a Simorgh by Sánchez Verdú and the oratorios Oedipus Rex by Stravinsky / Cocteau and Maddalena ai piedi di Cristo by Caldara. He has also illustrated various literary works such as The Thousand and One Nights or The Odyssey. In his interventions in architectural spaces he has developed projects that combine painting, sculpture and ceramics: El mural de les olles, Villanurbs, Pluja de sang and Mur d'ulls, among others. In the same plural direction, he has extended painting to the field of cinematography in films such as Viaje a la luna, Foc al càntir, El aullido, Danse noire and Deu dits.

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