The students of MEATS ELISAVA present the show of dance and music 'The Blue Room'

Date: -
Hour: Friday and Saturday: 8.30 p.m. Sunday: 7 p.m.
Place: Sala Hiroshima (C/Vila i Vilà, 67, 08004 Barcelona)

Els alumnes del Màster en Arquitectura Efímera i Espais Temporals (MEATS) d'ELISAVA participate this weekend (from 1 to 3 of December) in the installation of light, music, cinema and dance The Blue Room, in the framework of the cycle Live Soundtracks. A proposal that pays tribute to the British filmmaker Derek Jarman, with the creation of a unique piece inspired by his cult movie Blue.

The result is a blue space that replaces Jarman's monochrome screen in a blue, irritating and reassuring dance at the same time, through a collage of lights and live music. An intimate diary of the dancing body; a dreamy space where you lose yourself and get back together. The project includes the choreographer Moreno Bernardi and the composer Gigi Piscitelli with our Master's students, and the students of the SAE Institute Barcelona and ESDi Escola Superior de Disseny.

25 % discount in tickets online for the students, professors and workers of ELISAVA. If you're interested, please write us at


Dance/coreography: Moreno Bernardi

Music: Gigi Piscitelli, Giorgio Pona

Directors: Toni Montes, Roger Paez.
Professors: Gabi Paré, Maria de la Cámara
Students: Shaun Barton, Lorenzo Damonte, Fiona Gather-Stammel, Marta Gutierrez, Mira Kanj, Felix Köstinger-Lingitz, Ji-Qian Lai, Hung-Chi Li, Marcelo Reinoso, Laura Sanchez, Giulia Sportolari.

Sound and Image: SAE Institute Barcelona
Project's direction: Gigi Piscitelli.
Students: Alex García, Adler J Gracia, Marina Gimenez, Ylenia Figuero Castilla, Naomi Gonzalez, Angelina Mamukaeva.

Vestuari: ESDi Escuela Superior de Diseño
Project's direction: Josep Abril, Miguel González
Students: Anna Salvador Prat, Joan Ribas Mitjans

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