Students of the MEATS and the Master in Art Direction expose a project at the Vibra Festival in Girona

Date: -
Hour: from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Place: Parc Central of Girona

A group of students from the Master's Degree in Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces (MEATS) and the Master's Degree in Design and Art Direction present the interactive installation 'Chased' this weekend at the Festa de la Llum, Interacció i Disseny VIBRA in Girona. The project, led by Roger Paez and Jordi Cano de Elisava, and by Playmodes, can be visited from 21 to 23 December at the Parc Central of the city.

'Chased' proposes a participatory experience that seeks to turn visitors into the main actors of the installation and, at the same time, generate a reflection on the concept of "protagonism" in the digital age. The project plays with a duality that occurs before the eyes of the other: when we feel observed, human behaviour is altered and stage fright and the search for attention coexist; the fear of making a fool of themselves and the desire for praise and recognition.

Presented in this context, the installation alters the order of everyday life with the transformation of the public space into a scenario; an experience in which the lights stop being an element of the public space and become a means of interaction that turns people into the centre of attention. In this way, the lampposts of the park will be the conductors of the work, and the behaviours and reactions of the visitors will give life to the work and will complete the installation.

About Vibra

VIBRA offers a journey through immersive audiovisual experiences from the transformation of urban spaces through light, innovation and creativity. By doing it so, the festival has the will to generate actions that make the economy emerge in the field of creativity and innovation, helping to promote new models and synergies between the most consolidated sectors such as architecture, engineering and the most emerging as digital technologies, ICT, multimedia or transmedia.

About Playmodes

Audiovisual research study. A hybrid team of engineers, musicians and designers working with their own technologies to give life to new audiovisual instruments and immersive installations.


Authors: ELISAVA + Playmodes

Work team: Lorenzo Damonte, Marta Gutiérrez, Amira Ihab,

Felix Köstinger, Cèlia Martínez, Esther Rodríguez, Kevin Rodríguez

and Juan Alejandro Sánchez

Coordination: Marc Aliart, Jordi Cano, Eloi Maduell, Toni Montes,

Roger Paez and Santi Vilanova

Music: Igor Stravinsky

#vibra18 #festadelallum

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