STEAMConf Barcelona 2019 – Workshop on the matter as a language

Hour: 10 a.m.
Place: CosmoCaixa Barcelona (Isaac Newton Street, 26, 08022 Barcelona)

Javier Peña, General Director of Elisava and professor of the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering, leads with the Lurdes School one of the workshops of STEAMConf Barcelona 2019, which will take place next Friday, April 5.
Under the title "Matter and chemical elements, integrating language", the workshop, focused on working on methodology and subject matter as a language, wants to encourage vocation of the young ones by keeping contact with schools.

This is why, Javier Peña and Elisava's professor of materials, Bernat Faura, will share the responsibility for the workshop with the teacher and tutor Queralt Fuentes and the industrial designer and the teacher Joan Jorquera, both from the Lurdes School, in Barcelona.

About the workshop

Matter and chemical elements, like numbers, letters and musical notes, represent a language. This language shows us the most fundamental and basic knowledge to understand and interpret the world in which we live and, therefore, it is a fundamental and integrating tool of knowledge.

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