From Screen To Space. Talk by Playmodes

Hour: 18.30h

On recent years, creative digital media has been experimenting a deep transformation. From the first on-screen graphics to the latest pixel-mapping installations, audiovisual languages have exceeded the square boundaries of traditional screens, and have started colonizing real space. Light is playing key role on this evolution, and this interlink between engineering, music, design and art is giving birth to innovative approaches in the form of immersive installations. Spectators are no longer a passive subject but integrated inside the creative canvas. On this talk, Eloi Maduell and Santi Vilanova will make a deep dive into the process and secrets behind their work, from conceptualization and scripting to algorithm development and visual music contents.

Playmodes is an audiovisual research studio, a hybrid team of engineers, musicians and designers. Through the development of their own technologies, they bring light and sound instruments to life. This digital luthierism has led them to apply their language to sculptural formats, immersive installations or scenographies, in a journey outside the square limits of traditional screens.
In their projects, data flows generate audio and images with software made by themselves.

Online talk organized by graphic.elisava. You must register in the form below access to this link on 10/02.

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