Productive residents. Craftsmen as members of an interactive community

Hour: 11:50 h - 12:20 h.
Place: Maker Faire Barcelona - Nau Bostik (C/Ferran Turné, 1-11, 08027 Barcelona)

Can local craftsmen and other makers contribute in regenerating the community (creating job opportunities, economic revenue and cultural dynamism)? Are there some product-service systems that could make these productive activities better integrate in the local community life? What could be for them the most appropriate infrastructure?

This forth event part of DxCM / The city of interactions, focuses on productive residents and explores craftsmen as members of an interactive community. A series of presentations will revolve around how craftsmen and other makers can contribute in local community life, what could be for them the most appropriate infrastructure to support them, and how digital technologies can play a role in it.

The city of interactions is a program of public conversations the aim of which is to raise the previous questions and explore some answers, adopting a design approach. In particular, it aims to verify the possibility of regenerating Ciutat Vella social fabric considering as "residents" not only the traditional and long-term ones, but also those who live in the neighbourhood only recently and for short periods.


Design for City Making - The city of interactions. Connecting people and places
Ezio Manzini (Elisava – Politécnico di Milano - DESIS Network)

34 years until cities produce (almost) everything they consume
Tomas Diez (IAAC - FAB LAB Barcelona)

Empowering local crafts networks through digital technologies to regenerate local community life
Oscar Tomico (Elisava- Eindhoven University of Technology) 

Conversation with Mariona A Ciller (SokoTech)