Presentation of the VISIONS BY magazine in Barcelona

Hour: From 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Limited capacity
Place: Tallers Europa: Joan d’Àustria 86, Baixos. 08018 Barcelona
Visions by. Elisava Research
Visions by. Elisava Research

VISIONS BY, directed by Saúl Baeza and Laura Clèries from Elisava Research, is focused on exploring material culture and its infinite meanings by giving free voice and space for people with something to share and add. There is no specific theme per issue, no specific contributor profile, no specific reader. By publishing this magazine, we are not trying to understand material cultures as a closed concept, we want it to continue changing constantly, giving us the opportunity to learn more and more. To agree or disagree, to care or not to care.

Editors-in-chief: Saúl Baeza and Laura Clèries

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