Paula López-Nuño and Sergio Conches, Elisava Alumni, selected at the ADC*E Festival

Hour: 15h
Place: Auditori Disseny Hub Barcelona (Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, 37, Barcelona)

Paula López-Nuño and Sergio Conches, Elisava Alumni, have been selected to be part of the High Potentials section at the ADC*E Festival, which will take place on November 8th and 9th in Barcelona. The ADC*E Festival is the annual event that brings together creative professionals from across the continent during two days of inspirational talks, workshops and many networking opportunities.

In this session, Paula and Sergio will have 5 minutes to present their best project to senior human resources and creative managers who are looking for new talents. In addition to this opportunity, they will participate in a speed networking session, 1-1 meetings with all attending professionals.

ADCE Elisava
ADCE Elisava

The tragic tension

Paula López-Nuño (Undergraduate Degree in Design, promotion 2019)

This two-piece tapestry has been programmed with conductive inks, so that people can approach and interact. The book that complements the project maintains the same structure: literal content in the center and encoded bands on the edges. The narration concludes when the user finally folds the book and decodes the hidden message, a third person that breaks into the monogamous relationship. It is the third person who we can hear, but not see.

The physical bond between man and woman represents the tension between the complexity of desire and the simplicity of social norms. However, the tone adopted by this tapestry invites observers to make their own interpretations, based on personal experiences. The plastic deformation that connects both faces can suggest many scenarios: an inseparable monogamous bond, a tense relationship that breaks, the development of the person's consciousness, etc.

ADCE Elisava
ADCE Elisava
ADCE Elisava

I'm A Man

Sergio Conches (Undergraduate Degree in Design, promotion 2019)

I'm A Man is aimed to men to whom conventional male magazines leave aside. The publication leaves the superficiality behind and it is dedicated in its entirety to bring to light the problems that lead to toxic masculinity, serving as a corner of reflection and personal analysis. This is a different male magazine, which focuses on the hidden face of masculinity.

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