Materials Narratives participates in the exhibition “Materia Gris” at the CentroCentro museum in Madrid

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Place: CentroCentro museum in Madrid
Materials Narratives

On February 11, the exhibition "Materia Gris" opens at the CentroCentro museum in Madrid. Elisava participates in it with an exhibition entitled "Materials Narratives: from experimentation to market" composed of 13 circular materials where you can see: two of the winning materials and two of the finalists of the European Project Material Designs (MaDe), eight materials designed by undergraduate students and master's degree and commercial materials from Elisava's “Materials Narratives” material library.   

Aqua Faba Foam, designed by Paula Nerlich, is one of the winners of the European MaDe project). It's made with chickpea water, a surplus from household food preparation, mixed with other vegan, compostable, and eco-friendly ingredients.

Clint is a cardboard designed by Elisava and Girbau that is manufactured from the waste generated in the filter of industrial laundries.

Commercial materials from Elisava's Materials Narratives library. In the image we can see from a material made from recycled bicycle inner tubes to a terrazzo that uses waste materials from construction.

You can see part of the Materials Narratives collection in the Enric Bricall Library of Elisava school.

If you want to get in touch with us, you can write to us at:

Materials Narratives
Materials Narratives

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