The Master in Set Design collaborates with the new version of ‘King Lear’ at Nau Ivanow

Date: -
Hour: From Thursday to Saturday: 8.30 p.m. Sunday: 6 p.m.
Place: Nau Ivanow (C/Hondures, 30. 08027, Barcelona)
Máster Diseño Escenográfico. Rei Lear. Nau Ivanow
Máster Diseño Escenográfico. Rei Lear. Nau Ivanow
Máster Diseño Escenográfico. Rei Lear. Nau Ivanow
Máster Diseño Escenográfico. Rei Lear. Nau Ivanow
Máster Diseño Escenográfico. Rei Lear. Nau Ivanow

Master in Set Design alumni Marta Garcia Ferrer and Raquel Gonta, partnering up with other students of the same programme, have collaborated in the design of Elisava Alumni Yaiza Ares’ set for the new adaptation of ‘King Lear’, directed by Elisava teacher Ferran Utzet.

The play, that will come at the end of September at Nau Ivanov, count on the performance of nine actors from Escola Superior d’Art Dramàtic (ESAD), Institut del Teatre and have been produced by Elisava.

A new adaptation by Ferran Utzet

If ‘King Lear’ was a film, we would have so many problems to list it that we would end up using the uncertain label of “auteur cinema.” It’s not only a wild and passionate road movie with interspersed frames and choral cast at the style of 'Crash', an unstoppable cardiac thriller like the '24' series, a neurotic and grotesque psychological drama of Lars von Trier and a lush beloved band Of Kubrick; It is also a profound reflection on aging and the turbulent relationships between parents and children; It is a profound study of the limits of human reason and the causes of madness and it is - albeit impossible - one of the funniest comedies that will ever be written.


Text: William Shakespeare
Direction: Ferran Utzet (Elisava)
Version: Ferran Utzet from another version by Joan Yago and Ferran Utzet
Translation: Joan Sellent/ Salvador Oliva / Joan de Sagarra


  • Kent: Aida Cabré
  • Edmund: Esmeralda Colette
  • Goneril: Oriol Curriu
  • Jester: Elisabet Marí
  • Cordèlia/ Oswald: Èric Pons
  • Lear: Àlex Pujol
  • Edgar: Laura Roig
  • Regan:Genís Sendra
  • Gloster: Ignasi Soler

Voice: Lluïsa Sala
Diction: Gemma Sangerman
Set design: Yaiza Ares (Elisava Alumni)
Set building: Yaiza Ares, Raquel Gonta and Marta Garcia Ferrer (Elisava Alumni)
Lighting design: Paula Miranda "Polín"
Sound design: Ferran Utzet (Elisava)
Graphic design: Mònica Molins Duran (Elisava)
Management assistant: Guillem Balart and Mònica Molins Duran
Vocal counselling: Maria Casellas
Acknowledgements: Guillem Rodríguez, Noel Díaz and prototype workshop team of Elisava: Juan Carlos Inés Bertolín, Nicolás Olmos and Ivan Perea

With the collaboration of:   

Escola Superior d’Art Dramàtic (ESAD) from Institut del Teatre de la Diputació de Barcelona
Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering