MADD Exhibitions 2021

Date: -
Place: MUTUO Centro de Arte (C/Méndez Nuñez, 7 Barcelona)

A madhouse of data and design projects

Last year we generated, collected and stored more data than in the previous 5,000 years of human history. Until today, we did not have the technology to record reality on this scale (or for so much selfie), but now we have it in the palm of our hand. And how we like it…

Unfortunately, that does not mean that our societies are better informed. Data alone masks the reality it describes, blurring its meaning, and dulling emotions. It's hard to figure out what two degrees of average temperature rise means, or a transmission rate of 1.5… or a million deaths, for that matter. 

In a world of flat Earthers and alternative facts, transforming data into understandable and honest information is, more than a necessity, a question of survival.

MADD house will be a series of exhibitions by students of Elisava's Master's Degree in Data and Design. For a month this space will become part of their final project and a showcase of critical thinking, research, data design narratives and interaction. 


Pedro Vallejo
Carla de la Torre
Maria Moreso
Joana Bisbe
Letícia Pozza
Ana Sifuentes


Domestic Data Streamers 

- Maria Fabuel
- Pau Aleikumsalaam

Transmedia support


-Santi Vilanova
-Eloi Maduell


Paadín, Marc Panero, Marta Handenawer, Iasa Monique, Saul Baeza, Oscar Tomico, Lluís Sallés. Clara Subirats, Achos, Rosa Monge, Rosa Arredondo, Mònica Molins, Ane Guerra, Jaume Rios, Irene Rodenas, Helena Marzo, Elisava Communication Team, Escola Elisava and Mutuo Centro de Arte. 

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