Lecture 'Experimental Websites', by Yehwan Song

Hour: 7.30 p.m.
Place: Elisava (Sala Aleix Carrió)

This lecture, held by Yehwan Song, talks about the diverse trials faced when attempting to expand the range of our capacity within web environments by questioning standard web design templates. The talk features Anti-User-Friendly, an ongoing project that challenges the concept of user-friendliness by creating a content-focused website.

Yehwan Song is a graphic web designer and has participated in a number of exhibitions—Venice Biennale (Korean pavilion), Seoul Biennale (SBAU), and others; and her works have been featured in magazines such as Étapes, Monthly DESIGN, It’s Nice That, among others. 

She runs her own independent design studio, Yehwan Song Studio, focusing on the strategic use of technologies and questioning standardized design and interface conventions that frame users' behavior and the templates that make them lose their content awareness and become accustomed to oversimplification. Her work involves projects with multiple cultural organizations, including ifa, LIMA Media Art, Rhizome, Typojanchi, and Seoul Museum of Art.

This conference is organized by Graphic Elisava. 

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