Lamp exhibition 'The light and the object'

Date: -
Place: Ágora Room (1st floor)

Elisava's Agora hosts an exhibition with a small sample of the more than eighty lamps designed and built for the Aesthetics and Design II subject of the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering.

The design of a lamp involves a double project: that of the light and that of the object. In this exercise, using a standard light source, the light qualities of the bulb and the diffuser materials and reflectors are explored. Moreover, needs that have been identified are solved in order to obtain a coherent formal result. In addition, they propose to ignore the use of 3d printing and to consider the construction of an object that can be built with semi-artisan production methods. Each shape has an intrinsic meaning. This exercise tries, at the same time, to assign a meaning to the forms applied to the construction of the lamp itself.

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