Javier Peña, general director of Elisava, is one of the protagonists of TEDxEixample 2020

Hour: Start time: 4.00 p.m. Closure time: 10.00 p.m.
Place: Antiga Fàbrica Damm (c/ Rosselló, 515, Barcelona)

Today, the world is no longer a place of strong relationships and realities. Everything is liquid, changing, ephemeral, provisional. On the one hand, we have more freedom than ever before, but, on the other hand, we lack solid values that tell us where we are going. Because of the great challenges that are facing us, many questions are inevitable. What limits does our world have? What is immutable in it? And credible? And true? Are we really becoming more and more equal? Fairer? More caring? More efficient? More observed? More deceived? More prepared? More flexible? More digital? Smarter? Are we really building a better world? Are you ready to remake your world?

In this context comes TEDxEixample 2020, which, following the structure and philosophy of the popular TED Talks, will offer a series of talks by prestigious experts in different sectors of our society.

Among them will be the Dr. Javier Peña, general and scientific director of Elisava. Javier Peña studied Chemical Sciences in Barcelona and received his PhD working with smart materials. At that time, the subject became the centre of his learning and he began to work as a teacher. He currently teaches about materials in Elisava under the umbrella of Design and Engineering, and integrates the language of matter at the same level as that of numbers, lyrics and musical notes. He is carrying out projects, researching, reflecting, coordinating exhibitions and publishing books and articles to improve our interpretation of the world. His ideas will help you understand a very tangible and, at the same time, unknown reality.

Javier Peña will participate in the TEDxEixample along with other notable names such as those of Isabel Coixet, a film director; Álex López, Top 10 World Influencers Social Selling, one of the largest and most reputable experts in professional networks such as LinkedIn; Joan Clotet, a Digital Humanist committed to self-knowledge in the digital era; Gádor Muntaner, a marine scientist and communicator; the prestigious cook Carme Ruscalleda; Cristina Aranda, PhD in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics and expert in Artificial Intelligence, and Borja Vilaseca, writer, philosopher and creator of pedagogical projects aimed at the awakening of consciousness and the paradigm shift of the society.

TEDxEixample 2020 programme #ShapeYourWorld

3.00 p.m. Doors opening

4.00 p.m. First block of talks

6.30 p.m. Break

7.00 p.m. Second block of talks

9.00 p.m. Networking with food and drinks

The TEDxEixample organization and the speakers participate in the non-profit event and the full amount of the ticket will be used to pay the costs of their organization.

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