IV Day The Vanguard of the Graphics in Catalonia: The Education

Hour: 5 p.m.
Place: Elisava (La Rambla, 30-32) Sala Aleix Carrió (1st floor)

The area of Graphic Design of the Elisava's Degree in Design organises a fourth edition of a day dedicated to Catalan avant-garde. A framework of knowledge and reflection is opened up around a very valuable but largely unstudied period in the history of graphic design in Catalonia, the period corresponding to the first third of the 20th century. Several speakers will discover authors and peculiarities of how the avant-garde affected the pedagogical revolution that preceded the Spanish Civil War, a period full of social conflict, but also highly creative.

Considering graphism as a discipline that is relatively young and unstable, too frequently headed to formalism and style as a purpose, the exhibition of its historical context can help us enrich it in different areas, starting with the acquisition of the same disciplinary culture, understood as the visual culture that must give an argument to a solid intellectual reflection. It can also be helpful in establishing the existing relations between the contemporary visual languages and their predecessors, understanding their social, economic and technological contexts.


This year, representing various interpretations and approaches to the education in the avant-garde period, we will have the following speakers:

Salvador Domènech

Salvador Domènech i Domènech (Barcelona, 1955). He holds a PhD in pedagogy and a Master’s Degree in Psychopedagogical Assessment, both from the UB. He has worked for six years as a teacher in private schools and for thirty years as a psychologist at one Generalitat EAP. He is a specialist in the History of Education in Catalonia during the 20th century, especially during the Second Republic and the Spanish Civil War, in the municipal schools and the school groups of the Barcelona City Council board of trustees and in the Catalan Instituts-Escola.

Núria Obiols

Born in Barcelona's Old Town (1967) Núria Obiols I Suari is a professor in the Department of Theory and History of Education at the Faculty of Education in the University of Barcelona since 2003. She is member of the consolidated Research Group on Moral Education (GREM) since year 1997. During her professional career she has focused on various processes and educational areas with special relevance on the subject of children's literature.

Jordi Gardia

Jordi Garcia Farrero. Pedagogue, Master’s Degree in Contemporary History and Today’s World (UOC) and PhD in Education from the University of Barcelona. PhD Extraordinary Award from the University of Barcelona (2012-2013). Professor of the Department of Theory and History of Education of the Faculty of Education (University of Barcelona). His lines of research are, with a European and Americanist line, the study of contemporary pedagogical discourses, the history of Catalan pedagogy and the teaching of the history of education at university.

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