An interactive community in Ciutat Vella

Hour: 5 p.m.
Place: Centre Cívic Pati Llimona (Regomir, 3, Barcelona), Conferences-Multipurpose Room

How does the community of Ciutat Vella evolve? In what could it be transformed in the future? How can the community of permanent residents include those who reside transiently?

The answer to these questions could be to imagine an interactive community. That is, a social form resulting from a web of action-oriented dialogues in a specific place. A flexible, open and reversible community, whose conditions of existence yet have to be designed.

An interactive community in Ciutat Vella is the event that inaugurates The city of interactions, a series of public events proposed by Elisava as a contribution to regenerate the social fabric of Ciutat Vella, within the framework of its Design for City Making platform.

We invite neighbors and people who temporarily reside in the neighborhood, like students, to Pati Llimona to talk about projects that try to involve citizens in the services and activities of the neighborhood. This will be the starting point to discuss interactive communities. 

What is your vision of the neighborhood?

Take an object that represents the community that you dream for Ciutat Vella. These objects will be stored and will be part of the structure of the Spring Festivities in the neighborhood of Sant Just.

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