Grand Premiere Gala of the Elisava Theatre Group

Hour: 7:30 p.m.
Place: Elisava (Aleix Carrió Room, 1st floor)

The Elisava Theatre Group is organising a Grand Premiere Gala, the world premiere of three short films written, shot and produced by the students of the group. A great event deserves a great celebration. And that is what this Grand Premiere Gala will entail.

According to the members of the Theatre Group themselves: "Prepare the dinner jacket and the sequins, because nothing like this has been seen since the MET Gala. Not Cannes, not the Oscars, not the Avinyonet Short Film Festival. Nothing will overshadow us in an event full of glamour, cinema and? maybe a bit of theatre".

This is the synopsis of the three short films premiering this Friday:


Fani has a date. She has arrived early at the bar, but she is not ready. It's too early, too late, her hair's not right... any excuse is a good one to get out of it. Well, maybe not "any"...


Laia has been waiting for Vicky for two hours and three coffees. Neither of them is on a good run, but something has happened to Vicky that has broken the camel's back. You reach the age of 30 and suddenly you feel that neither the internships nor the master's degree you've done are enough for the world. And although they both try to pursue their dreams, it seems that nobody told them what would come next.


Tick, tick, tick. Valentina slow. She likes to watch the ice cream melt and the flowers in her house grow. Tick, tick, tick. Alonzo goes fast. He likes to ride a scooter and cut pepperoni at high speed. They seem to have nothing to do with each other, but what happens when two polar opposites meet?