Exhibition ‘REFLECTIONS’, a workshop about spinning tops and creativity

Date: -
Place: Sala Àgora

Until next March 10, the Sala Ágora will host the exhibition 'REFLECTIONS', a sample of spinning tops made by the students of the Master in Design through New Materials. In the exhibition, you can see different spinning tops that reflect the personality of each student.

During a week-long workshop, the students of the Master in Design through New Materials have worked on the relationship between matter and form using the spinning top, an old and intuitive game that essentially summarizes the balance between the material and the object. All this has been captured with photographs taken by the photographer Anna Huix, using the stroboscopic technique.

This project has been developed in the TMDC space, an experimentation and production workshop that our students can use for free with prior reservation. Elisava is committed to a pedagogical project that conceives the School as a platform to stimulate student learning by combining virtual classes with practices at the School and in other collaborating spaces, such as the TMDC.

Students: Jannis Claudius Schäfer, Enola Loredana Gil Stolk, Dina Abdulbaki, Nihal Ben Aarons, Ona Joan Orozco, Lojain Rafa A Alamri, Benedikt Dietz, Gemma Lopez i Gramunt, Nuria Camacho Castro, Shirley Catalina Cortez Pazmino, Claudia Maria Lopez Urizar, Laura Gusart Santos y Artur de Menezes Fernandes.

Professor: Luis Eslava.

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