Exhibition - Engineering and design for mini wind power

Place: La Fábrica del Sol Environmental Education Centre (Paseo Salvat Papasseit 1, 08003 Barcelona)

Students from the 3rd and 4th courses of the Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design given by ELISAVA have organized the exhibition «Ingeniería y diseño para la energía minieólica» (Engineering and design for mini wind power), which will take place from 5th March to 13th April at La Fábrica del Sol, Barcelona.

The exhibition takes the visitor on a historical journey on mini wind power up to our days, and suggests future perspectives. The students from the School want to highlight the importance of a good engineering and a good design of the mini turbines as a value added and as a way of expanding their use and implementation possibilities.

The exhibition ends with a showing of four mini turbines prototypes developed by the Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and Industrial Design students in their Final Degree Project and in the Sustainability Module’s subject “Active systems”, given by Professor Nandi Dorado.

Cover: «Shu», by Óscar Pérez.
Inner pages: «Aerogenerador piezoeléctrico» by Oriol Angosto, Oriol Bertomeu, Alba Clemente, and Joel Sánchez.

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