Elisava students and teachers reflect on the future of design and food at the Food Design Festival

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'Voilà', by Laura Gispert.

Elisava is one of the partners of the third Food Design Festival (from 26th to 30th July), the great appointment with design and innovation linked to food design, health and food. A digital meeting in which several Elisava students will participate, as well as teachers and alumni of the School.

Mariana Eidler, head of Elisava's food design studios, will take part in several of the festival's activities, such as the welcome ceremony and the conference by Fork, both scheduled for Monday 26 July and presented by the artist, food designer and Elisava Alumni Nicole Vindel.

Mariana will also take part in the debate Food design, Academia and Research, on Tuesday 27 July, presented by Elisava professor Gastón Lisak; as well as in the activity 20 images x 20 seconds, in which several Elisava Bachelor and Master students will talk about their food design projects in a joint event with students from Eshte (Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies), presented by Ricardo Bonacho.

Elisava students' food design projects

Among the Elisava projects will be Efímera Fashion, a project by Marina Aperribay, Karina Pinto, from the Master in Industrial Design Engineering, which questions the link between textile materials, temporality and the fast fashion industry; Soundmetric Food, by Rafael Prat from PES, a project that revolves around the sound generated when eating; Ally, by Elisabeth Sebastià from the Degree in Design, a service proposal that combines robotics and food design with the collaboration of Pilz; Gastronomic Visual System, by Marta Torras from the Degree in Design, an interactive support that records and improves the user's gastronomic experience; Agro, by Berta Daina from the Degree in Design, the creation of a bioplastic sufficiently resistant to replace plastic bags; and Voilà, by Laura Gispert of the Degree in Design, a project for organic, recyclable and edible cutlery.

Food, health and nature

Food Design Festival is the first contemporary festival to explore the value of design and its relationship with food. In its second edition, entitled People, Health and Nature, it will bring together more than 80 professionals from the food industry (from designers and artists to researchers, teachers, nutritionists, chefs and opinion leaders) from 20 different countries.

The aim of the meeting is to develop different approaches to better understand the need to create a more sustainable context for people, health and the planet through disciplines such as design, gastronomy, food innovation, applied design and research.

'Agro', by Berta Daina.
'Ally', by Elisabeth Sebastià.
'Efímera Fashion', by Marina Aperribay and Karina Pinto.