Elisava Route Senegal Exhibition

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Place: Elisava (La Rambla, 30-32). Sala Àgora (1st floor)
Elisava Route Senegal
Elisava Route Senegal
Elisava Route Senegal
Elisava Route Senegal

Elisava Route Senegal is a platform to raise questions about our relationship with the environment, materiality and techniques. With the aim of approaching design from an active and proactive perspective, the platform appeals to areas of the world of creativity and reflection that have been despised for decades, such as body, gesture, senses and identity, which are now located in the core of the debate and design research.

The platform considers Africa as a territory where a new generation of entrepreneurs, thinkers and designers provide the world with a new point of view. Africa becomes an experimental environment that brings new approaches and new solutions of global relevance. ROUTE SENEGAL, which gives visibility and echoes the exceptionality of Senegal's creative and artistic context, is an opportunity for young European designers to generate new ideas and interpretations of traditional techniques and materials. The project is developed in collaboration with the London College of Communication (UAL) and understands, as stated in its school manifesto, that innovation will occur from the margins.

Based on three fundamental axes —place, identity and technique—, the platform proposes a range of activities (conferences, musical sessions, workshops, debates ...) to generate spaces of thought and practice, in order to comprehensively address the debate on the role of design in the 21st century.

About Route Artlantique

Route Artlantique is part of the Elisava + Crafts & Material programme, which promotes the idea of ​​the school as a node of connections to enhance creativity, knowledge and technical abilities of students. Together with the one-week stay at the School of Ceramics in La Bisbal, which has already been the subject of several exhibitions at ELISAVA, the two-week stay in Senegal is part of a training programme that opens new paths for practice and reflection in design and technology. Route Artlantique is an exciting journey in the heart of Africa that promotes creative exchanges of knowledge or experience. From the experience of two weeks in Saint Louis, Thiès, Dakar and the Cassamance region, the exhibition seeks to be a space for experimentation, reflection and creativity, which allows one to grow as a person and to question the role of design in a hyperconnected world.


During the inauguration event, a beer will be served thanks to Estrella Damm.

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