Elisava participates in 'Disseny x a la Inclusió', a social project of the Museu del Disseny and Ojalá Projects

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Disseny per a la inclusió, el procés com a resultat is a learning and co-creation project between higher education students from all design disciplines and different groups in vulnerable situations. Created by Elisava Alumni Anaïs Esmerado and promoted by the Ojalá Projects Association and the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona, the project seeks to foster inclusive synergies between participants through design, emphasising the process as a framework for learning and social transformation.

Following an inclusive working methodology, the students and groups currently participating in the first edition of the project apply their knowledge to detect needs, understand each other, empathise and promote design as an engine for social innovation. The ultimate goal is to promote community action in different districts of the city of Barcelona with projects that have a two-way return, both for the groups and for the students involved.

Elisava participates in two of the initiative's various projects. They are the following:

Project with Metzineres for the inclusion of women with drug dependence

Design students from the fashion, audiovisual and product disciplines from the Elisava and BAU schools co-work with the Metzineres del Raval collective to co-create fashion products for everyday life using the tools of the space. One of the objectives of veneno is the inclusion of women with drug dependence in the cultural fabric of the city.

Objective of the workshop: to discuss community strategies in favour of human rights and gender mainstreaming. To understand the weight that image has in our society and how this can be a stigma that promotes exclusion. Project tutored by Bruna Sedó, illustrator and fashion designer of the renowned brand Lurdes Bergada & Syngman Cucala.

Metzineres. Photo: Enrique Muda.


Project with TEB Barceloneta to give a voice to people with cognitive impairment

It proposes that graphic, audiovisual and interaction design students from the design schools Elisava, BAU, IDEM i UOC create together with the users of TEB Barceloneta an interactive communication campaign that gives a voice to people with intellectual disabilities.

Aim of the workshop: to generate a space of trust, links between the two collectives, to understand the two points of view and find a common language. To provide tools and resources for the participants to co-design a project, focused on the field of graphic design and interaction, which gives a voice to the invisible realities of the collective.

Project tutored by David Torrents, graphic designer with extensive experience and experience as a poster designer, and Jacqueline Molnár, illustrator and nominee for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2020.

TEB Barceloneta. Photo: Marc Asensio.