‘Crisàlides & Gresols’ reflects on Barcelona's bars as spaces of cultural inscription

Date: -
Place: Palais de la Porte Dorée (Paris, France)

Elisava proposes, with the title ‘Crisàlides & Gresols: Els bars de Barcelona com a territoris d’inscripció cultural’, to transfer the general reflection of the project ‘Inscriptions en Relation’ to a typology of space with a big rooting in Barcelona and that constitutes territories of cultural inscription: the bars. In Barcelona, in particular, and in the Mediterranean sphere in general, the bar is a fundamental institution to understand the Dynamics of sociocultural inscription of the cities.

The bars are spaces of free access and, at the same time, spaces strongly inscribed in society since the construction of a determinate identity, either linguistic, territorial, sportive, political, of class or of sexual orientation. In this sense, the bars are labs of construction of complex urban identities, as they transform themselves in spaces of interaction where two different logics converge: the protection (the chrysalis) and the opening (the melting pot).

The aim of this project is to research how the spaces, the elements and the actors that compose the bars have a double function in cultural inscription. On the one hand, as an ecosystem of protection, and, on the other hand, as an environment of confluence: bars as a chrysalides and bars as a melting pots.

The event will include conferences, facilities, representations, workshops and a section of literary fair.
Free entrance until completing the capacity.


Partner school: Elisava
Managers of the project: Roger Paez, Jordi Cano, Marc Aliart
Participants: Lucas Drobnitzky, Ximena Gamarra, Julián Laverde, Patricia Palacios, Raquel Pallejà, Francisco Palma, Luciana Pimentel, Adrián Prado

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