COVID-19 and DESIS: From “Separation by Necessity” to “Collaboration by Choice”

Hour: 17.00h
Place: Online meeting (Zoom)

Elisava participates in the online meeting COVID-19 and DESIS: From “Separation by Necessity” to “Collaboration by Choice”, organized by the DESIS social innovation network in order to find solutions to current problems arising from the health crisis, with special emphasis on collective opportunities.

This session, which will feature interventions by Albert Fuster, Academic Director of Elisava and Julia Benini, professor at Elisava, aims to use sensitivity and design skills to identify cases of social innovation, exchange experiences to solve immediate problems and build together a new culture and a new future.

Maria del Mar Gené, student of the Undergraduate Degree in Design, is also participating with her project 'Límits', which reflects on limits at this time of health emergency. The project is part of the "Dynamic Tissues" Final Degree Project, led by Daria de Seta and with Roger Paez, Ramon Faura and Albert Fuster as tutors.

During Elisava's intervention two projects from students of the Master's Degree in Design for Emergent Futures, in collaboration with IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia), will be also presented. Rutvij Pathak has worked on 'HelloHealth', a project which aims to bring accessibility to healthcare to the underserved communities of the world. Emily Whyman has researched in spatial urban environmental and experimental design related to food production, and eating experiences.

How to connect?

The meeting is open to all and will take place on Zoom.
Click on this link.
Meeting ID: 150870120

DESIS is a non-profit and cultural association, with the purpose to promote design for social innovation in higher education institutions with design discipline so as to generate useful design knowledge and to create meaningful social changes in collaboration with other stakeholders.

Photographies: 'Límits', Maria del Mar Gené.