Conference by AMOO Studio: 'After all, nothing is so important'

Hour: 18.30h

A review of AMOO's work about space, materials, colour and design in his studio.

AMOO studio, is an architecture office based in Barcelona that is co-founded in 2014 and directed by Aureli Mora and Omar Ornaque. Since they started collaborating in 2011, they realize projects of architecture and interior design as well as product design. Their work includes a variety of projects ranging from private commissions, office buildings and furniture design which are treated with the same curiosity and rigor throughout the design process. Moreover, both architects dedicate their time to carrying out the important task of preserving the architectural heritage of Catalonia. They are the initiators and directors of the Digital Space of the COAC, a long-term project that they are developing with other professionals to disseminate the Catalan architectural heritage of the last 175 years.  

Although AMOO is still a young office, its work is increasingly present and leaves a strong impression. What at first glance seems like a cool and fun way of dealing with shapes, is, however, with a closer look, a well-thought-out interrelationship between shapes that is based on a complex spatial arrangement. Especially in the interior architecture, we can appreciate these unexpected internal organizations that enrich the spatial quality without compromising the functional part.         

Online conference organized by the Postgraduate in Interior Space Design. Private Perimeters. To access to the talk, you must register in the form that you will find at the bottom of this page and access this link on March 15.

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