Cómo convertir la ansiedad medioambiental en un proyecto – Lecture by No Planet No Fun (POSTPONED)

Hour: 2 pm
Place: Elisava (La Rambla, 30-32), Sala Aleix Carrió (1st floor)
NoPlanetNoFun Elisava
NoPlanetNoFun Elisava
NoPlanetNoFun Elisava

No Planet No Fun is an artistic and environmental movement in Barcelona that arises from the concern for the planet of a group of three artists and friends, Susie Hammer and Gabinete Exquisito, the duo formed by Maite García Argul and Manuel Puig. Their main goal? To use the artistic tools to raise awareness in a positive way and give voice to the problem of climate change with creativity, irony and humour.

They will talk to us about the beginnings of No Planet No Fun, its evolution and where it stands today. In addition, we will be able to hear how they managed to organise an exhibition that they expected to be a small show and which has ended up including more than 50 international illustrators, artists and designers.

Susie Hammer, born in Warsaw and living in Barcelona, is an author and children's illustrator who has collaborated with several magazines, newspapers and publishing houses, as well as in the field of fashion and toys. Maite García Argul and Manuel Puig were born in Uruguai and decided to come to Barcelona to set up their own studio, Gabinete Exquisito. They define their practice as playful, conceptual and visually dynamic, covering many disciplines of visual communication, such as illustration, photography or design.