Color is the new bold! Lecture by Novo Typo

Hour: 19.30h
Place: Sala Aleix Carrió
Novo Typo - Elisava
Novo Typo - Elisava
Novo Typo - Elisava
Novo Typo - Elisava

This presentation will take you on a trip through the history of multicolored typography. With a renewed interest in multicolored type design — which started with the development of emojis — I will show that we are facing a new era of chromatic typography. Contemporaries of Gutenberg — the inventor of movable type — designed and printed already a chromatic typeface in the 15th century. Via multicolored designs of William H. Page and Cassandre, I will show a multicolored typographic historical timetable. This presentation will show the past, the present, and the future of multicolored typography. This colorful presentation will answer all your questions such as: Why is the color red often used in the organization of text? What is the difference between rubrications and illuminations? What is the difference between color contrast and type contrast? Will color be the new bold? What is the difference between decoration and deconstruction? What were Johannes Fust and Peter Schöffer doing in Mainz in the 15th century? Why are type designers traditionally thinking in black and white? This presentation will end with sharing some insight design tips in case you are inspired to design a multicolored typeface yourself. 

The typographic dresscode is colorful!

Mark Van Wageningen is the founder of Novo Typo, a (typo) graphic design studio and font foundry in Amsterdam. In 2015 started the Typewood project, a research project about designing, deconstructing, and transforming multicolored digital typefaces into wooden type for letterpress. Ziza, its equivalent with lead type, followed in 2016. Both projects show the future of multicolored typeface design through the revitalization and deconstruction of typographic traditions.

Mark wrote a number of books about chromatic type design such as the Novo Typo Color Book (2017) and Color and Type (Princeton Architectural Press, 2019).

As a self-proclaimed ambassador of multicolored typography, van Wageningen lectures on polychromatic type design at a number of international design conferences and festivals.

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