The City of Inter-actions

Hour: 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Place: Elisava (La Rambla, 30-32, Barcelona)
City of Interactions

Elisava opens its doors to the city and directly to La Rambla, a key place of Barcelona’s mixed society, to promote its role as an active agent and a hub for city making projects.

The opening will also be the kick-off of the Superilles+ project, aiming to introduce the DxCM programme next step, that will work on the social dimensions of the already existing physical Super Block, proposing challenges and projects for lively and resilient urban environments.

The event will generate a place for neighbours, academic staff, institution representatives, students and any other participant of city making process to create their own experiences and interactions, reflect on the existing context and find out opportunities for future projects.

General schedule

4.00 pm Doors opening
7.30 pm juice, beers & cheers

Dialogues schedule

4.00 pm Screening 'The Tourist State', by Ramon Faura
5.00 pm Dialogues
5.00 pm Traditional residents
5.30 pm Recent residents
6.00 pm Productive residents
6.30 pm Transitional residents
7.00 pm Superilles+ Project


5.00 pm Traditional residents

'Neighbors as members of an interactive community'
Danae Esparza (Head of Studies of the Degree in Design in Elisava)
Mercè Pérez Sánchez-Elipe (Director of the Gòtic-Andreu Nin Library)
Teresa Caja (Neighbor of Ciutat Vella and promoter of the Espai Borsí pel Barri)
Lucia Vecchi (Plataforma Go Acció Cultural)

5.30 pm Recent residents 

'Migrant people as members of an interactive community'
Daria de Seta (Coordinator of the Spaces Area of the Degree in Design in Elisava)
Mamadou Saliou (Founder of the NGO Diandé Africa)
Blanca Garcés (Senior Researcher and Research Coordinator at CIDOB)

6.00 pm Productive residents

'Artisans as members of an interactive community'
Òscar Tomico (Head of Studies of the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering in Elisava)
Tomás Díez (Director of the Fab Lab Barcelona, founder of the Fab City Research Laboratory at IAAC)
Jordi Vidal (Master craftsman, vice-president of the FAAOC and president of the ACAV)

6.30 pm Transitorial residents

'Tourists as members of an interactive community'
Ramon Faura (Head of the Social Sciences Area of the Degree in Design in Elisava)
Albert Arias (Director of the Strategic Plan of Tourism of Barcelona)
Andrés Antebi (Coordinator of the Observatory of Daily Life - UB)  

7.00 pm Superilles+

'Rethinking superilles for people'
Albert Fuster (Academic Director of Elisava)
Tonet Font (Architect and Social Innovation Advisor to Barcelona City Council)

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