'Caution', exhibition of the Master Degrees in Graphic and Editorial Design with Bas Jacobs and Anthony Burrill

Hour: From 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Place: Pasaje Montoya (c/Àvila, 32)

Do not miss Caution! An under construction exhibition, exhibition of the Final Projects of the students of the Master in Graphic Design and the Master in Editorial Design. It is showed in Pasaje Montoya (c/Ávila, 32) for only one day, this Wednesday, July 3, from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm. It will have some complementary activities:

Bas Jacobs - Underware
20-minute talk "You never know where it will end, but you always know where it started".

Shut-up and dance
Party with DJ Anthony Burrill

Live music by Tauro

Some of the student's comments:

“The graduation exhibition is not only about the outcome of our projects but also our sleepless long nights, creative blocks, and rejected projects. In this room we invite you to follow some basic rules to make the best out of this experience:

  • Be careful with the obstacles that can cross your way (fortunately, these are only a glimpse of what has happened during this year).
  • For your safety, follow the floor tape and signs.
  • You might feel lost through piles of boxes, so it can be useful to read the labels.
  • In case you need some air, don’t forget to breathe and visit the terrace. 

Be careful with the trash corner and the overwhelming amount of creativity. These rules do not guarantee an equal experience for everyone and some might not want to leave. Have a safe walk and thank you for your visit”.

A beer will be served, thanks to Estrella Damm.

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