BCN RE.SET - Memory Box / House of memory

Place: Arc de Triomf, Barcelona

On Tuesday 10 June all the installations that constitute the BCN RE.SET ephemeral architecture circuit in the street will be inaugurated.

ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering has worked in collaboration with the renowned architecture office Grafton Architects in the project «Memory Box / House of memory», an installation placed in Arc de Triomf, that is part of the BCN RE.SET ephemeral architecture circuit in the street.

A multidisciplinary team of more than 30 ELISAVA Degree in Design and Master’s Degree students and teachers of 7 different nationalities has dedicated more than 500 hours to develop a project starting from the “Memory” concept for being applied in the space, graphic and product design, lightning and communication areas.

This rewarding experience results in an installation with three main elements: ceiling, wall and floor.

  • The ceiling is conceived as a memory centre, which incorporates canvas with printed photographies that evoke scenes of Barcelona daily life.
  • The walls represent fragments of “the House” and form its premises. On one of the walls there are ceramic tiles with relieves that show the ground plan of different houses. The tiles, as well as the cubic models of houses of different ages, which are also made of ceramic, are examples of domestic spaces in the area of Barcelona from the Prehistory to the Modern Era.
  • The floor expresses the original topography of the territory and its evolution across time, as a certainty of the human values. The “domestic” world contrasts with the public world within the city, so this “Casa de la Memoria” (Memory House) becomes a meeting point for chatting... and invites us to remember.

During the development of this project, experts in different areas (photography, history, etc.) have participated and collaborated with ELISAVA, as well as students and teachers of the University of Bolzano (Italy), which will take part in two activities that will be carried out in this installation during the 3 months that it will be in the public space.

BCN Re.set will take place between the months of June and September 2014 in six enclaves of the city centre. The architect Benedetta Tagliabue (Enric Miralles Foundation) and the stage manager Alex Ollé (La Fura dels Baus) are the curators of this project that alters the aspect of public spaces within the city which are related to 1714. This transformation is materialized with a set of artistic and architectonical installations that address concepts such as identity, memory, diversity, freedom, democracy and Europe.

On Tuesday 10 at 8pm the Making Of exhibition will be opened at the Enric Miralles Foundation (Passatge de la Pau 10 bis). This exhibition collects the creative process of the projects that form BCN RE.SET.

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