'Ammartaggio', Final Degree Project by alumni Maria Carrion, at CosmoCaixa's 'PRINT3D' exhibition

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Hour: From Monday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. (check the schedules of the activities)
Place: CosmoCaixa (Isaac Newton, 26, 08022 Barcelona)

The 3D printing revolution is here to stay. In this context, the CosmoCaixa PRINT3D exhibition not only reveals what 3D printing is and how does it work, but also looks beyond it in order to make us ask ourselves some questions: How is this technology transforming our daily lives and what will this mean for the current production system? How far will 3D printing take us?

PRINT3D tries to answer these questions and invites us to travel into the future. Along the way, it traces a journey through multiple practical applications in diverse fields where this technology is already being used, whether it be medicine, art, construction or sports.

Modular, personalized and sustainable shoes

In this way, the exhibition brings together more than 30 pieces printed in 3D, accompanied by audiovisual and interactive elements. Among them, there is Ammartaggio, a project that arose from the Final Degree Project of Maria Carrion, alumni of the Simultaneous Studies Programme. A modular and personalized shoe that, with additive manufacturing, allows the adaptation of the shoe to the geometry of the sole of each user's foot. Likewise, and using the modularity, Ammartaggio respects the life cycle of each piece, allowing the renewal of each part of the shoe separately, instead of having to change the whole pair of shoes.

In the latest version of Ammartaggio, the author has redesigned the product in collaboration with the technological company Noumena to adapt its aesthetics to an outfit that the brand is developing with textile technology that neutralizes GHG gases, while combining digital and 3D design with a touch of craftsmanship.