24 Seconds. Installation at LlumBCN 2021

Date: -
Hour: Afternoon - Evening
Place: Parc del Centro del Poblenou – Basketball court

Elisava presents '24 seconds', a basketball show without players where the balls move without being touched thanks to light. The installation will be part of the new edition of the LlumBCN 2021 festival with the aim of reflecting on the exodus from the fun world to the digital screen and its consequences for public spaces dedicated to recreation.

Created by students from the Undergraduate Degree in Design and the Master's Degree in Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces and under the supervision of 4 tutors from Elisava, '24 seconds' explores the radical changes to which humanity has been subjected since the emergence of the digital era. Among them, the growing digitalisation of the world of gaming, which, since March 2020, has been exacerbated in the aftermath of the pandemic. Faced with the impossibility of occupying public spaces, the exodus to screens has been inevitable, and the enchanting nature of digital options has left little chance of a return to public spaces. This basketball court, for example, was a space of community, laughter and play. Now, rarely used to its full potential, it is just another empty space in the city. 

Voyeuristic experience where the players are the light

The installation, which occupies the entire basketball court in the Parc del Centre del Pobenou, is made up of 39 basketballs that levitate thanks to metal poles that hold them vertically. At the start of the show, spotlights strategically illuminate, simulating the frenetic movement of a ball that goes up and down the court until it bursts into a basket.

‘24 seconds' refers to the amount of time a team can have the ball before trying to score, and invites the spectator to join the audience to watch a match without players, in order to stir the spectators with nostalgia.

LlumBCN is the festival of light arts held year after year in the Poblenou neighbourhood, specifically in 22@. The festival brings together the creations of renowned artists from around the world, organisations and design schools in the city.


Students: Agustina Angelini, Momen Bakry, Dasstan Bissen, Valeriya Butorina, Marina Cabanes, Roger Cos, Irene Domínguez, Raül Gaya, Gina Gudayol, Malak Ghemraoui, John Gillen, Liana Kalaitzoglou, Gal·la Knoph, Julia Llorens, Patrícia Moreno, Elsa Romero, Eva Pobeda, Chloé Rood, Guillem Sánchez, Eloi Sánchez, Perla Sant, Albert Sevillano, Judit Tremosa, Giulia Tufariello, Irini Vazanellis, Jaume Vicens, Aleksandra Zaitceva, Alícia Zhu.

Tutors: Maria de la Cámara, Toni Montes, Roger Paez, Gabi Paré.