R&D / R&I Projects

We offer companies, organizations and institutions the possibility of carrying out creative and innovative projects in response to business challenges. We approach these projects by applying the scientific method, human-centered design, creativity, research and prototyping. We develop:

  • Incremental innovation projects, providing differential added value for the improvement of existing products or services.
  • Disruptive innovation projects, designing new ideas to be applied to products or services to generate an impact in the market and in society.
  • Research and consulting projects, through Elisava Research, Elisava’s Innovation and Research Department.

Areas of impact


Our projects may be one of two types: in class or out of class. In-class projects are associated with a course and with the academic calendar. Out-of-class projects may be developed through Elisava Academia or Elisava Research. They are not tied to a course nor are they conditioned by specific academic timings. 

In-class Projects

Academic Project (PA)

These projects are part of a course in one of our undergraduate or master’s degree programmes, with an approximate duration of three months. 

Final Degree Project (TFG) or Master’s Final Project (TFM)

Students in our undergraduate and master’s degree programmes complete a final project during their last year (approximately 9 months’ duration). At Elisava, we pay particular attention to this phase of our students’ education and we encourage them to work on projects suggested by companies in groups that can be multidisciplinary. 

Out-of-Class Projects

Workshop (W) or Innovation Lab (IL)

We set up an ad-hoc multidisciplinary team to develop the project  which can last anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks (Workshop) and up to 3 months (Innovation Lab), with an objective defined by the company and Elisava. 

Research Projects

Projects associated with one of Elisava Research’s areas of knowledge. 

Industrial PhDs

Projects that bring together the business environment, the university and PhD students to develop a research project lasting approximately three years, based on a company’s needs and goals, and that coincide with Elisava Research’s areas of knowledge. doctoratsindustrials.gencat.cat

Strategic Partnership

Strategic research and innovation projects carried out by Elisava Academia + Elisava Research, lasting from 2 to 3 years.

Collaborating Companies, Institutions and NGOs

At Elisava Business we develop projects with companies, institutions and NGOs to generate and transfer knowledge, address present and future challenges and promote change. 

We collaborate with more than 120 companies from different sectors with the aim of adding value through design and engineering. 

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Elisava Degree Show

Elisava’s Degree Show is an exhibition of some 250 Final Degree Projects that we organize every year in an exhibition space outside the school. 

We invite companies and institutions to bring our students’ talent and capabilities into tangible forms, while helping detect new opportunities for collaboration.  


Degree Show
Degree Show
Degree Show