Entrepeneurship and acceleration

At Elisava through Elisava Impuls (Elisava Entrepreneurship Programme) we promote, drive and accompany opportunities of the Elisava Ecosystem in order to impact the market, the planet and society through the generation of spin offs / startups or the projects’ licensing to the industry.

Spin off
  • We promote talent and support entrepreneurship.
  • We detect and value impact opportunities of the Elisava ecosystem (undergraduate degrees, masters, Elisava Alumni, researchers, staff…).
  • We define a business model for the viability of the projects and their launch to the market.
  • We promote the creation of design and engineering spin offs or startups in the following areas:


At Elisava Impuls, we offer the following services to detect and validate the potential of impact opportunities.

Incubation programme


  • Support in the generation of spin offs and startups.
  • Raising external capital (public subsidies + private capital rounds).
  • Mentoring and advice.
  • Networking.
  • Aid for patentability studies, patents, prototypes, presence at fairs, testing, communication…

Possibility of financing:

  • Patentability studies.
  • Patents.
  • Prototypes.
  • Prototype testing.
  • Travel for conferences, fairs…
  • Marketing and communication strategies.
Project incubator

Physical space to promote entrepreneurship:

  • We incubate projects.
  • We promote networking.
  • We strengthen the link with companies and universities.
Marketing and Communication

Communication and internal/external dissemination:

  • Elisava Impuls.
  • Spin off and current startups.
  • New opportunities for the incubation programme.
  • Activities and events related to Elisava Impuls.
  • Project incubator.
  • New agreements with potential partners.
Elisava Impuls: Addit·ion

Partners – Promoters

Our partners – promoters support young talent and the creation of new companies in the fields of health, well-being, sustainability and technology are key to the future.

Why collaborate?

Collaborating with Elisava Impuls will allow you to:

  • Promote the entrepreneurship of young people with potential projects that require resources for their validation.
  • Promote the transfer of knowledge.
  • Strengthen the CSR of companies in the field of entrepreneurship.
  • Strengthen your brand with the link with a prestigious institution in the field of design, engineering and research.
What return will I get as a partner – promoter?

As a founding partner – promoter, you will get:

  • Visibility, communication and dissemination of partner – promoter actions for the promotion of entrepreneurship in the areas of health, sustainability and technology.
  • Direct monitoring of the actions and evolution of the Elisava Impuls Programme.
  • Direct monitoring of the different projects (startups and spin offs) and activities of Elisava Impuls.
  • Preference for capital increase rounds of Elisava Impuls startups and spin offs.
  • Corporate tax credit.
How can I collaborate?

If you are interested in promoting young talent and entrepreneurship by making a donation to the Elisava Entrepreneurship and Acceleration Programme (Elisava Impuls), please contact Marc Valls – Head of Business and Entrepreneurship (mvalls@elisava.net).