Entrepeneurship and acceleration

At Elisava we encourage, promote and accompany high-impact projects developed at the university through the project incubator and strategic alliances for the creation of spin-offs and startups. 

Elisava Incubator: Indianes
Elisava Incubator: Addit·ion
Elisava Incubator: Adda Lab

Project Incubator

The project incubator provides a space, networking and consulting services to promote projects emerging from both the university and the Elisava ecosystem.

Some notable projects
Nido Innova, by Eva Díaz
A system for containment and sensory stimulation for premature newborns.

Adda Lab, by Jordi Ardanuy and Joan Ortiz
Systems and processes to accelerate change at the intersection of design, architecture and the environment.
Unifit, by Alex Torras
An online platform to connect large groups, like universities with their students or companies with their employees.
Flora in Paradise, by Angela Maria Olarte
Design and production of timeless ethical jewelry inspired by nature.
Addit·ion, by Saulo Armas and Ignasi Sagré
A design and engineering study focused on additive manufacturing (3D printing).
Indianes, by Iván Rojas and Diana Feliu
Footwear design using natural and ecological materials, with a commitment to ethical manufacturing and business transparency.


We accompany a selection of potential projects in the process of obtaining patents and in their subsequent development on the market. 

Smart Skin 2.0 is the PhD thesis by Dr. Jessica Fernandez, with patent P201830504, which introduces a graphene-based epidermal electronic ultrawearable device that generates and stores personal data.

Smart Skin

Spin-offs and start-ups

High value added projects developed within the framework of Elisava and which are of interest to the market or to society are supported for their implementation, either through a spin-off or by generating a start-up.  

Spin off