Blurring the Lines awards recognise the work of two alumni of our Master’s Degree in Photography

Elisava Alumni of the Master in Photography and Design Antonia De Noronha and Cynthia Lühr have done well at the prestigious international photography awards presented by Blurring the Lines, an initiative that each year showcases and promotes the projects that best represent the rapidly changing field of photography. Antonia De Noronha was a finalist in this year’s edition with A inconsisência do ser, and Cynthia Lühr won a special mention with Saudade. The authors themselves reveal some of the details of their projects:

Saudade, by Cynthia Lühr (Special Mention)

“In Saudade, I portrayed different people from different backgrounds —there were those who left their land by choice and those fled by force. I asked them to write down what their sense of belonging is. I have complemented my attempt to define “home” through the others with a documentary project directed by young talents that recently migrated to Barcelona. With the help of disposable cameras, they have created a series called “Sueños” which captures their da-to-day life in their “new habitat”.

A inconsisência do ser, by Antonia De Noronha (Finalist)

This project is a quest for identity, a journey in search of a fragmented wanderer —my soul— as a means to connect who I was, who I am and who I want to be. In this project I employ text and images to reflect upon my personal relationships and my relation with photography. Inconsistency resides in them, around us, in us, through us. I dare to analyse, scan, transform these relations into representations that go beyond the limits of comprehension. At last, I invite you to do the same.