Elisava Students explore the gastronomic experience at Cocina Hermanos Torres restaurant through sensoriality

Nine Elisava students have designed innovative products to reinvent the gastronomical experience at Cocina Hermanos Torres restaurant through the stimulation of the 5 senses. Fourth year students of the Undergraduate Degree in Design and Innovation (Major in Product Design) have created pieces keeping in mind the space, the service and the restaurant’s products, together with the direct collaboration of two important two Michelin star chefs, the Torres brothers and their team.

Student’s proposals have been worked under the premise, proposed by the cooks, of reinventing the way one can enjoy the meals at their resturant, breaking away from the traditional passive role of the client and making them participate actively. Here you can see the results.


The Aroma project by Student Tomàs Cano, is an elegant and sofisticated utensil that allows a “olfactive taste” before tasting the food. The proposal is centered around individual glasses that keep the food’s aroma that will be eaten after that. Its objective is to emphasize the importance of aromes in the culinary ritual, making the smell the main character.

Aroma has been awarded in the Human category at the Ei! Awards 2021, where the best Final Degree Projects are distinguished.


Primitive, by Alejandro Linares, it’s an exploration of the límits between what is “wrong” and what is “right” in haute cuisine. With 3 glass pieces created to be licked, this project invites dinner guests to connect directly with food, in an instinctive and natural way. A projects that breaks away with conventionalisms and stablished social codes (in Far East eating with your hands it’s a sign of apretiation for food, whilst in the west, it is seen as a lack of respect).


The Aro project, created by Pedro Glatzel, it’s a product that mixes the magic world with gatronomy. The client becomes an illusionist levitating edible smoke hoops that, later, they have to catch in the air with their mouth.


Clos by Elisabet Arnal it’s a dinnerware set collection made of crab, mussels, sea urchins and egg shells. Its aim is to give another life to residues wasted in kitchens, with the intention of them being part of the gastronomical experience.


Odo by Berta Abad it’s a glass aromatizer that gives a multi-sensorial experience where the invisible becomes visible, giving food aromes a texture and a shape.


With Sense, Anna Ballesté breaks away from the traditional tasting, altering it from five gastronomical suports dedicated to each of the senses. Before eating, the client has to percieve the dish alone throught smell, sight, hearing, touch and mouth.

3 Morteros

The project 3 Morteros by David Fernández is made of three wooden pieces, a natural material that us humans have worked with sense prehistòric times. The objects aim to make grinding a ritual that is part of the culinary experience, where the client is also a culinary creation agent.


Playte by Raul Gaya draws the attention to suport as the experience’s main character. It is made of 3 dishes that make the temperature visible thanks to the inteligent materials and pigments, that show changes in light and color. Its objective is to generate interaction between the client and the food, boosting sensorialty in suport, an element which is frequently considered as secondary.


Handl by Laia Homdedeu is a collection of 3 clear tea glasses that change color once the tea makes contact with wàter. The projects pays a tribute to the table talk, suggesting ending the gastronomical experience in a nice and carefree way.