The Living Pots: Agro Biomaterials’ Sustainable Design at Paris Design Week 2023

Agro Biomaterials, the project led by Elisava Alumni Berta Daina, made a significant appearance at the latest edition of Paris Design Week 2023 with the installation “Alwadiya: The Living Pots.” This collection of vases, conceived by Samer Yamani, is crafted from sustainable and eco-friendly materials that capture the essence of the lush oasis of AlUla and its exquisite flora.

The bioplastics from AGRO, made from fruits and herbs from AIAUIa, are combined with organic cotton dyed with natural pigments and 3D-printed cellulose. However, the standout feature of this collection is its ability to function as living entities, capable of decomposing their own materials and reintegrating them into natural cycles. This achievement is made possible through the PURE.TECH technology for material decarbonization, which also contributes to CO2 absorption.

Furthermore, the linen fabrics used in this collection are naturally dyed, and the bioplastics are entirely biodegradable, as they are produced from AlUla’s native fruits and herbs.

“The Living Pots” represent a remarkable fusion of traditional craftsmanship and digital technology, resulting in a collection that is not only aesthetically impressive but also environmentally friendly.

Designed by: TECHNOCrafts

Produced by: Agro Biomaterials, Noumena Group.