Suru, the new sustainable furniture publisher led by Alumni Àlex Jiménez Higueras and Ricardo Camilleri

The Alumni Àlex Jiménez Higueras, CEO of Nutcreatives, and Ricardo Camilleri, founder of the 3D Port project, have launched SURU, a new furniture publisher.

Born in Barcelona, SURU embodies the spirit of innovation and creativity that characterizes the city. Its story began with the aspiration to redefine the furniture and lighting industry by merging local craftsmanship with a global vision focused on sustainability. For SURU, sustainability is not a secondary consideration; it is the guiding principle that informs all of its decisions. From choosing VOC-free materials to using recycled fabrics, each step energetically reflects its commitment to preserving the planet and future generations.

SURU’s inaugural collections were presented last October in an installation during the Barcelona Design Week.