Several Alumni selected for the ADI Awards 2024

The Industrial Design Association ADI-FAD has revealed the names of the projects and products selected for the ADI Awards 2024. Among them, the participation of several students and alumni from Elisava stands out, whose work will be exhibited in the “ADI Awards 2024” exhibition. This showcase, which promises to be a meeting point for design professionals and enthusiasts, will open its doors on May 30, 2024, at the Disseny Hub Barcelona.

The ADI Awards, in their 2024 edition, consolidate their reputation as a stage of excellence in the field of industrial design, including the historic Delta Awards, the ADI Medals for students, and the ADI Culture Awards. This year’s selection, made by a jury of experts in various fields of design, among whom were Alumni Jordi Ballesta and Julia Esqué, highlights 170 projects out of the 349 submitted, demonstrating the high quality and innovation that characterize the sector.

Ossby Geo – Designed by Anima Design

Prominent Alumni projects in the Delta Awards

The 42nd edition of the Delta Awards, recognized since 1961, has selected 139 products representing the best in industrial design. Among them, projects led by Elisava Alumni stand out, showcasing innovation in the field. For example, in the Accessories and Tools category, there’s the L’Avenir bathroom accessories collection by Oiko Design Studio; the NRH Mini watch, created by Besonder, founded by alumni Pedro Glatzel and Joan Pahissa; and Plaisir, a tableware line for Comas & Partners, designed by Nacar Design, the agency headed by alumnus Bern Donadeu.

In the Digital Devices category, innovations like Amnioshell, Ossby, and Flashle stand out, all designed by Ánima Design, an agency led by alumni Diego Quiroga. Regarding Design for the Body, the category highlights the product Floating Blocks Basic Colors Baby Teether & Teething Ring Basic by Oli & Carol, whose design department is led by alumna Noelia Vallano.

Pisco – Designed by Goula Figuera

Recognition in other categories

The category of Outdoor and Indoor Equipment has also recognized the work of Elisava alumni in projects ranging from urban furniture by Escofet 1886, a company whose design department is led by alumnus Gerard Arqué, to Urbidermis, a company with several alumni on its team.

In these categories, solutions in lighting and ceramics by Emiliana Design Studio, formed by alumni Ana Mir and Emili Padrós, stand out for companies like Bover Barcelona and Ceràmica Ferrés. In the same category, there are also two nominations for the Driza and Pisco lamps designed by Goula Figuera for GOFI, an editor led by alumni Pablo Figuera and Álvaro Goula.

The Delta Selection – Packaging Category, Oiko Design Office secures a new nomination for ECO kraft canister, and alumni Eduardo del Fraile also receives recognition for his YOI bottle design.

Empúries – Design by Emiliana Design Studio

Outstanding projects in the ADI Medals 2024.

The ADI Medals, in their 30th edition, continue to serve as a vital bridge between academia and industry, encouraging young designers to present their final undergraduate, master’s, or postgraduate projects.

The medal for this edition has been designed by Ariadna Sala Nadal, an alumna and joint winner of the Gold Medal in 2022. Among this year’s selected projects are diverse works such as Neoshell by Ainara Rico, Form Follows Taste by Neus Escoda, Punt by Pere Itchart Pla, Hipcare by María Songel Sanchis, Odapt by Patricia López Martínez, Seating System by Julen Beloki Chivite, and Nobjecte by Joan Cofan, once again demonstrating the caliber and diversity of emerging talent in design.

The awards ceremony will take place on June 13, 2024, in an event that will highlight the strong relationship between design and industry. The notable participation of Elisava alumni in the ADI Awards 2024 showcases the significant impact and energy of Elisava’s design, promising a bright future for this important field.