OiKo Design Office at Barcelona Design Week: the impact of color on recycling

In the context of the Barcelona Design Week, OiKo Design Office, the consultancy formed by professors and alumni José F. López-Aguilar and Salva Codinach, is organizing a workshop at their studio, where Lékué will present their project on recycled platinum silicone.

One of the central themes that will be addressed in the workshop is the impact of color on the recycling process. It will be highlighted that the choice of color in recycled products is not as flexible as in those made with virgin material, as it depends largely on the predominant colors in the recycled waste. In this context, in all recycling projects undertaken by OiKo Design Office, they carefully seek the perfect balance, considering not only the most effective recycling percentage but also the technical properties and the perception of the finish.

OiKo Design Office’s approach emphasizes that each product should offer functionality and provide a pleasant user experience. According to experts, the finishes and the new aesthetics of recycled materials play a fundamental role in achieving this goal. Furthermore, in the presented project, an additional critical requirement is posed: providing recycled silicone with the appropriate properties to ensure its safety when in contact with food. Resolving this challenge stands as one of the next fundamental steps in the project’s evolution.

Despite the fact that there is still work to be done to make the use of recycled silicone products a common practice in our homes, thanks to Lékué’s initiative, this scenario is getting closer. OiKo Design Office, as an entity committed to such projects, recognizes that the success of initiatives like this represents a significant step towards a more sustainable circular design. The impact of color on recycling is just one of the challenges they face, but with innovative collaborations like Lékué’s, a path towards a more environmentally conscious and respectful future is being paved.